About Our Library

First known as the “Stone Schoolhouse,” the building of native granite blocks housed eight grades from 1834-1902. The 1903 Town Meeting voted to give the structure to the Fryeburg Woman’s Club for a meeting place and storing their books. However, the library did not become public until 1950. Later, three utility rooms were added. The woodshed became the kitchen. In 1957, a bequest from Mr. Clarence Mulford provided the right wing. In 1974, the family of John F. Weston built the left wing in his honor. The Library is enrolled in the National Register of Historic Places.

At the Town Meeting in Fryeburg on March 16th 1996, the people voted to assume the responsibility for the Library and the money was also voted to operate the Library. The actual changes were made sometime thereafter. With this change, it became necessary for the Fryeburg Library Club to have a new name. On May 10th 1996, the members voted to change the name to Fryeburg Literary Group.

Currently, the Library is known as the Fryeburg Public Library. Our mission, within a friendly and inclusive atmosphere is to provide universal access to knowledge and learning through print, electronic resources, cultural activities, programs, and services. It is our goal to meet the educational, informational, cultural, and intellectual needs of the community.